About Elijah Zuniga


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Law Enforcement

  • Served as a patrol officer and detective for the San Diego Police Department.  Numerous vice and gambling investigations (including undercover) and arrests.
  • Assigned to the California Attorney General's Division of Gambling Control: statewide responsibility for tribal casinos and cardrooms.

About Elijah Zuniga


Elijah Zuniga was a former police officer and Special Agent with the California Depart of Justice- Division (Now Bureau) of Gambling Control.   Since 2002, Elijah has been working as a consultant for the licensed gambling establishment (card rooms and casinos) and the vendors that provide services to them; including Third Party Providers of Proposition Player Services.  Unlike most of the other consultants for this industry, Elijah has worked both sides and can provide a unique perspective that is unmatched.  Elijah has been recognized multiple times as an expert in the California gambling industry in both State and Federal courts and other judicial venues.   He has presented numerous times to local state and federal agencies on a variety of gambling related topics.  Elijah’s current clients include some of the largest gambling establishments in the Los Angeles area to  some of the smallest in the state as well as Third Party Providers.

Company Profile


EZC leads the gaming industry with its compliance innovations.  Our extensive experience in the gaming industry have yielded a view of casino regulatory compliance processes.  Our solution brings the industry's best compliance training together into one comprehensive and integrated solution for complete FinCEN and IRS regulatory compliance training that meets the needs of our casino clients today and into the future.  EZC's ability to bring value-added leveraging, by integrating exclusive relationships between the gaming industry's most advanced compliance products and service providers, allows EZC to deliver its vision to casino properties in any jurisdiction, anywhere in the world.

Casino Operation

  • Worked as Compliance Manager for a large cardroom in California.
  • Business and gambling consultant for several cardroom operations throughout California.