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What is the CGCC? BGC? FinCEN? ​  The California Gambling Control Commission.  The Bureau of Gambling Control.  Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (IRS).

Are there any new gaming licenses?   There is a statewide moratorium that prohibits any new licenses or the moving from one city to another city of current license until 2020.  Currently, you can only purchase an existing license.

Can a license be moved to another city or county?   Not while the moratorium is in place; currently 2020.

Is it difficult to get a gambling license? The licensing process is long and complicated. EZC can guide you through the process and be your advocate.

Can I be a banking group?  Yes. There are no restrictions on registering to be a Third Party Provider of Proposition Player Services.  EZC can guide you through the process and be your advocate.

What if I’ve been convicted of a crime?  All felonies disqualify you and certain misdemeanors may.

What is NPN?  No Purchase Necessary.  This is required on some promotions offered in the California card rooms/casinos.

What is Title 31?  Title 31 requires all businesses (including casinos) in the United States to document any cash transaction over $10,000.00.  EZC has the recognized expertise to implement policy & procedures, train personnel, and audit your program.

Why can’t a card room have slot machines?  Slot machines are illegal in California (except for Tribal Casinos).

Are there card rooms for sale?  There is always a license for sale.  There are less than 100 left in the state.  Please contact EZC for any questions or for more information.