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EZC offers a wide variety of services on a one-time or continual basis. With all these services, expertise is well documented; we won’t offer anything we are not a subject matter expert in.   Services include consulting, writing of policies and procedures and training.

  • Compliance with the California Gambling Control Act
  • Title 31 - Anti Money Laundering
  • Gaming Operation
  • Cage Operation and Functions
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Minimum Internal Control Standards
  • Controlled Games & Gaming Activities (Promotions)
  • State Gambling Licenses (Applications and Renewals)
  • Designated Agent to Represent You in Front of Bureau of Gambling Control and the Gambling Control Commission
  • Complying with Local Municipal Codes and Ordinance
  • Employee or Vendor Backgrounds
  • Promotional or Marketing Groups
  • Third Party Providers